About Us

There are lots of consultants out there. When you reach out you can pretty well have your pick. But three of our attributes make us different from the rest. First, we are small firm with only a few principals and associates so when you get us, you get the top, most experienced people available working for you. We do not employ hoards of lower paid, less experienced people who are sent out to do the work after the top people win it. We are selective about the work we take on and limit it to assure the availability of our senior team members. Second, every member of our group has extensive, senior executive level on-the-ground experience directing and operating all aspects of public sector agency functions.  And third, we’ve been doing it longer.

We have decades of experience in all phases of planning and operation of government agencies, as well as in providing targeted technical assistance and innovative recommendations to high- and standard-performing and at-risk organizations.  Our principals and team members have worked with both standard and substandard agencies in the drafting and implementation of corrective action plans in order to comply with HUD rules and regulations. Our professionals have assisted agencies in improving organizational structures, management capacity and the physical revitalization of the housing assets.  The Gilmore Kean team has developed and provided training to countless PHA staff and has held senior executive level positions at PHAs including Receiver, Executive Director, Deputy Director, Director of Operations, Assistant General Counsel, and Senior Policy Advisor.  Our collective experience on your side of the table has taught us that when you reach out for help, you want the best you can get and you want it fast and at a fair price. That’s what we provide.

While fixing broken management systems is a large part of what we do, it’s certainly not the only thing. We believe in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In that regard, we help our clients avoid trouble by assessing operations and making recommendations for improvements before things break. We also assist clients who are interested in major renewal of old outmoded facilities to develop visions of what’s possible and plan sweeping renovation and redeployment with and without major federal grants.

Among our many accomplishments, from October 2009 to April 2014, we served as the leaders of the Administrative Receivership team of the Housing Authority of New Orleans.  Our Managing Principal, David Gilmore, served as Administrative Receiver, with the Gilmore Kean team providing critical support and filling essential positions within HANO.

In addition to our work with public housing authorities, our professionals were appointed by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to repair a highly dysfunctional student transportation system serving between three and four thousand special needs students.   Gilmore Kean is particularly proud that its reforms have recently led to the termination of Court oversight in October, 2012.

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