David Gilmore


David Gilmore possesses over 40 years of executive experience serving as Executive Director and Director of Operations for the Seattle, San Francisco and Boston Housing Authorities, and is recognized as one of the most respected public administrators in the nation.

Public administration has been a part of every experience of Mr. Gilmore's professional life. After earning his Master of Social Work degree, Mr. Gilmore spent nearly four years working under the auspices of the Office of the Deputy Managing Director for Housing in Philadelphia, serving first in the City 's federally assisted code enforcement program and then at the Philadelphia Housing Authority where he was Director of Tenant Services, then Director of Social Services.

In 1980, Mr. Gilmore found himself at the Boston Housing Authority to assist the new Court Appointed Receiver in developing a recovery program for the Authority. For the next nine and one-half years, Mr. Gilmore guided the recovery of the Boston Housing Authority, serving first as Special Deputy for Operations, then as Deputy Administrator.

The San Francisco Housing Authority had been on HUD's list of most "troubled" housing authorities for over five years when Mr. Gilmore took over the agency as Executive Director in 1989. When he left four years later to take the reins at the Seattle Housing Authority, the San Francisco Housing Authority had been off the "troubled" list and designated as a "standard performer" for over two years. While serving as CEO of the San Francisco Housing Authority, Mr. Gilmore was one of six appointees of the United States Senate to the 18member National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing. Based on this Commission’s findings and recommendations the Congress enacted HOPE VI, a program funding the revitalization of very troubled public housing developments throughout the nation.

In the summer of 1995, Mr. Gilmore left the Seattle Housing Authority, acknowledged as one of the nation's best, to take the post of Court Appointed Receiver of the District of Columbia's Department of Public and Assisted Housing (now the District of Columbia Housing Authority), considered one of the nation's most troubled. He transformed the agency into a public housing authority that provides “safe, decent and sanitary” housing and, in concert with the City Council, established it as an independent housing authority. He developed and implemented a plan for post-receivership transition and governance. 

He recently served as the federal court-appointed Transportation Administrator for the District of Columbia Public Schools Division of Transportation. From June of 2003 to May of 2010, he provided oversight and implemented meaningful longterm institutional improvements to ensure the timely, safe and appropriate provision of transportation services to 4000 students with disabilities in the District. He provided oversight, supervised and directed all financial, administrative and personnel functions of the Division including, terminal operations, human resources, training, compliance, routing and scheduling, payroll, labor relations, employee benefits, customer services, and facilities management.

Most recently, Mr. Gilmore served in the position of Administrative Receiver of the Housing Authority of New Orleans, where, in a short period of time, he earned the respect of HANO staff and, residents, local officials and the advocacy community.

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